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The right email marketing strategy will turn prospects and first-time buyers into recurring customers. Discover the best ways to leverage email marketing to acquire repeat customers and boost your returns.

A well-crafted email campaign is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there.


At IM Creative, we are an email marketing agency that knows how to grab the attention of your database. Ultimately, the goal is to increase revenue and brand awareness through ROI-driven email design and strategy. We rely on our vast experience in combination with data analysis to create high-performance campaigns and achieve your business goals.


Our team works with the majority of the best platforms like Shopify email marketing or Mailchimp designs. Maximising opportunities to increase sales through ecommerce email marketing or lead generation through B2B email marketing.


A direct email marketing specialist will build and utilise an email database of customers and leads. You can send promotional offers, product or service breakdowns, and other company-related information based on a branded email newsletter design.

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Importantly, IM Creative has partnered with B2C Retailers and B2B Suppliers seeking accelerated growth.
Both, in competitive local NZ and international markets using our services.

Email marketing allows you to build relationships.


Whether it is a lead or an existing customer, if someone from your target market has given you their email address, they already have some level of interest and trust in what you’re offering. 


Through consistent direct email marketing, your database becomes more invested in your brand and what you have to offer. If your email design and email campaign are good, your audience will look forward to receiving your emails. This can be a powerful tool to foster a relationship and turn leads into repeat business.


An email marketing campaign is easy to track.


Email newsletter services are one of the only forms of mass communication that provides useful data on customer interest. Email marketing companies will utilise their email design skills to create engaging and valuable content. Thereafter, you can translate email campaign data into easily digestible information for your sales team.


The best email marketing services should not only be tracked on specific campaign success but also the ability of the email marketing agency to be bold and try new things. This is to find out what works best for your business and to generate consistent growth and brand loyalty.

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Promotional Emails


Through attractive offers and promos, an email marketing campaign is a great way to turn your email list into sales. As long as they have opted into your direct email marketing list, the conversion rate should be above average. That is to say, if your standard conversion rate is at 3%, you can expect promotional email marketing at 10%. 


You can also re-engage inactive customers which generally tends to be 5x cheaper than acquiring new ones. The secret to a successful promotional email campaign is to keep the message concise but powerful. That is to say by using easy-to-understand wording and keeping the promo or discount simple. Nowadays people get so many emails and the window to grab their attention is becoming smaller and smaller. The email design should have your Call-to-Action at the forefront to increase click-throughs and sales. 


When it comes to customer acquisition and lifetime value, a promotional email marketing strategy can actually lower your advertising costs. Acquiring new customers is becoming increasingly expensive as most industries become more and more competitive. In some industries, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can cost as much as $100 per click. On the other hand, the discount you offer to existing customers via direct email marketing can be less than advertising. 


Platforms such as Shopify enable you to build and grow an audience through Shopify email marketing automatically. Such platforms generally have reasonable fees and enable even small businesses and startups to benefit from sending promotional emails. 


In summary, an email marketing strategy that includes promotions to your existing audience is a great way to boost ROI. Being direct and not beating around the bush is the best way to maximise your email marketing campaign. 



Lead Nurturing Email Marketing


A lead nurturing email campaign is a sequence of follow-up emails that move your target customer through the buying journey. Naturally, the ultimate goal is to get them to a place where they are informed enough to buy from you. A lead nurturing email campaign is especially powerful when you are selling a high-ticket item where a customer needs time.


A powerful tip for a lead nurturing email marketing campaign is to personalise subject lines with the receiver’s name. People are more likely to open an email campaign directly tailored to them and also helps to avoid spam folders. Most email design tools have shortcodes such as %{first_name}% to automatically input the receiver’s name into a mass email campaign. 


Another best practice is to narrow down the focus to one relevant topic per email. You should speak directly to the problem that your lead is trying to solve. Moreover, most people are bombarded with emails and other brands trying to get their attention every single day. Keep your email design simple and succinct and with a clear call to action. 

Your lead nurturing email campaign should also progress in a natural storytelling way. It has been proven time and again that the way you tell a story has an impact on the outcome. While the first follow-up may be educational, the next may feature an opportunity to convert once again. Throughout the campaign, you can progress with further incentive techniques such as a demo or free trial, to limited-time offers. 


It is also worth mentioning the importance of staying consistent with your brand. Your lead nurturing email marketing campaign must align with your image and all things that represent your business. 



Email Newsletters


Email newsletters constitute one of the most widespread and widely used methods of an email marketing strategy. It enables you to share useful information and resources with your customers and clients when they are most attentive.


It is important to continually add value to the inboxes of your subscribers. To do this, you should create content that is engaging and well-designed. Email newsletter design can include how-to’s, and announcements about new services or products. Moreover, consistency is key in email newsletter design. Set a regular date and time so that your audience becomes accustomed to receiving and browsing your newsletter. 


While it may be difficult, you must avoid incessant repetition and pushy sales tactics in your email newsletter design. Of course, the ultimate goal is to generate more sales, however, a newsletter email campaign is a long-term game. Provide relevant and valuable information to your audience and let them come to you when they are ready to buy. Newsletter email marketing services are useful to be the first in line once the potential customer is ready to buy. 


To gauge the success of your newsletter email marketing strategy there are a number of short, medium, and long-term indicators. In the short term, you should gauge interest in your direct email marketing through email open rates and click-through rates. An email marketing agency should report these statistics and work with you to deliver content that your audience values. In the medium term, you and your email marketing agency should analyse audience engagement, growth, and relationship more closely. Lastly, in the long term, the goal is to guide potential customers into actual buyers and grow revenue. 



Trigger Automation Emails


An email sent through trigger automation is exactly what is described in the name. An action that a person takes triggers an automated email response that has been purposefully set up in advance. Here are a few examples of actions taken and trigger automated email design on display: 


  • Trigger: Website visitor subscribes to your newsletter. Automation: A welcome email is sent directly after. 
  • Trigger: An invoice is 3 days overdue. Automation: A reminder to pay is sent. 
  • Trigger: A customer’s birthday. Automation: A birthday discount and well wishes is sent via email. 
  • Trigger: An account holder requests a password change. Automation: A ‘reset-password’ email is sent thereafter. 

Automated trigger email marketing is especially effective for ecommerce. This can be anything from order confirmation, abandoned cart notifications, and shipment tracking. Not only will it help you increase your conversions, but it will also help automate your customer service. Shopify email marketing automation allows you to do this to some degree. 


Automation triggers enable a business to customise its audience engagement on a large scale and with little effort. Based on user input, you are able to refine messaging that resonates the most with your audience. From opportunities to increase product reviews, cross-selling, and upselling, there is plenty of upside to an automated email marketing strategy. 


While some trigger automation campaigns are complex to set up, others such as via Shopify email marketing are standard practice. If done right, investing in an automated email marketing campaign will enrich your offering and generate additional revenue. That is why hiring an experienced email marketing agency for one-off or continuous email marketing services should be considered. 

Email marketing is an excellent way to reach out to your customers and build relationships with them. Here are a number of advantages to investing in an email campaign:


  1. They are comparitively cheap and easy to set up. You can create your own email campaign or use pre-existing templates. You can also hire an email marketing agency to do this for you.


  2. An email campaign can be highly effective. According to a 2021 study by Pathwire, 84.3% of consumers say they check their emails every day. Meaning the odds of your email being seen is very high.


  3. Email marketing nurtures leads that can be converted into sales opportunities later on down the line. By building strong relationships with your customers, you’re more likely to convert them into paying customers later on in the process.

  4. Engagement is likely to be much higher than through other forms of digital marketing. This means that your audience is more likely to take action, whether it is a purchase, a poll, or other conversion metrics. 

There are also some disadvantages which you may come across when forming your email marketing strategy. 


  1. Your open rate may be too low. For many industries, a 30% open rate is seen as a good target and anything under 20% as poor. This percentage is the amount of people from your total list that will open your email. However, if your list is small, the effort you put into email design and delivery may not be worthwhile.


  2. It can be very hard to avoid Spam filters even if you are sending solicited emails. Hosting providers have put in place Spam filters to lessen the number of unsolicited emails. However, even if you are adhering to the rules, you can still end up in the spam folder.

There are plenty of different email design and delivery tools out on the market today. While some try to be an all-in-one platform, other are more specialised. They range from free plans to several hundred dollars a month. The level that you invest in the tools and email marketing services are largely determined by your customer list size. 


Here are some of the best recommendations we can give as an experienced email marketing agency: 



Mailchimp is an industry leader when it comes to email newsletter design. It is easy to use for beginners and also free (in a limited capacity). There are plenty of templates to choose from which can make the email design process a breeze.  The paid version offers you extra features such as adding more subscribers to your list and some automation features. 



One of the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing software systems is called HubSpot. It offers the convenience of an all-in-one platform that serves as your CRM, direct email marketing hub and website hosting. 


You may construct emails quickly and effortlessly with their drag-and-drop email builder and various pre-made templates.


ActiveCampaign & Klaviyo

ActiveCampaign and Klaviyo have established themselves as the industry standard when it comes to marketing automation software. Although setup requires some technical expertise, hiring an email marketing agency to do so can be highly beneficial to businesses. 



Although basic, shopify email marketing is a great solution for companies hosting their website through Shopify. It is easy to use and comes already included with your hosting plan. Thus, you may as well make the most of shopify email marketing to increase sales through promotions and discounts. 

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with existing customers and leads already in your system. However, like most things, there are some things to consider before you invest in email marketing services.


Email marketing is a great way to communicate with customers and build relationships. It can be used to send out updates about your business, solicit feedback, and generate more sales. However, it should not be used indiscriminately. 


It is important to know when to invest in email design and automation services and when it’s not necessary. Part of your email marketing strategy should be to establish whether it is worth the time and money. If you are investing in email design services but your customer list equals 10 people, it may not be worthwhile. Of course, in some cases that may actually suffice. If the list of people revolves around high-ticket items (high-value), it is not about volume. Once you’ve established that, it’s time to consider these other factors: 


Is it important to stay in touch with customers? Maybe, the buying journey is a long one or customers can benefit from purchasing additional products from you. Hiring an email marketing agency can help communicate your message in the most effective way possible. You can send out regular updates about your business and offer customer discounts or other incentives.


When you need customer feedback: An email marketing campaign allows you to get feedback quickly and easily. You can ask them questions about their experience or what you can do better.


Do you have the ability to upsell? Existing customers are much more likely to buy from you than new customers. Promotional email design and delivery is much cheaper than it is to acquire new customers through other mediums.

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