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The right email marketing strategy will turn prospects and first-time buyers into recurring customers. Discover the best ways to leverage email marketing to acquire repeat customers and boost your returns.

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A well-crafted email campaign is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there.

At IM Creative, we are an email marketing business that know how to grab the attention of your database to increase revenue and brand awareness through ROI-driven email design and strategy. We rely on our vast experience in combination with data analysis to create high performance campaigns and ultimately achieve your business goals.

Our team is able to work with the majority of the best platforms like Shopify email marketing or Mailchimp designs, in order to increase sales through ecommerce email marketing or lead generation through B2B email marketing.

Email marketing is part of the overall concept of EDM marketing, which stands for Electronic Direct Mail marketing. Email marketing and EDM marketing are not actually the same thing. A direct email marketing specialist will build and utilise an email database of customers and leads to send through promotional email offers, product or service breakdowns and other company related information based on a branded email newsletter design. Whereas through EDM marketing, you will utilise multiple digital channels to reinforce the EDM campaign. This can be done through Google Ads, SEO services, web design, social media marketing services and direct email marketing.

Most importantly, the outcome of both EDM marketing and bulk email marketing services is the same. To build brand loyalty and convert to sales.

EDM Marketing

With the right email marketing strategy, your email database can be one of your business’ biggest assests using our email marketing services.

IM Creative
Email Marketing Design

Email marketing allows you to build relationships


Whether it is a lead or an existing customer, if someone from your target market has given you their email address, they already have some level of interest and trust in what you’re offering. Through consistent EDM marketing and engaging EDM design, your email database becomes more invested in your brand and what you have to offer. If your email design and email campaign is good, your audience will look forward to receiving your emails which can be a powerful tool to foster a relationship and turn leads into repeat business.


An email marketing campaign is easy to track


An email newsletter service is one of the only forms of mass communication that provides useful data on customer interest. Email marketing companies will utilise their EDM design skills to create engaging content and translate campaign data into easily digestible information for your sales team or into sales.


The best email marketing service should not only be tracked on specific campaign success, but also the ability of the email marketing agency to be bold and try new things. This is to find out what works best for your business and in order to generate consistent growth and brand loyalty.

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