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Social Media Marketing Services - Overview

Social Media Management

Lead Generation Ads

Tested and tried lead generation ad campaign strategies. A social media agency that utilises every dollar spent to the absolute limit. Generate 10, 100, or 1000 leads each month.

E-commerce Ads
Social Media Management

Grow your organic reach and build a community of brand loyalists. Our social media marketing services include regular posts, content creation, and follower engagement.

E-commerce Ads

“Buy Now” ads won’t convert the same way they would on Google. Provide value upfront and re-target visitors that engage with your content. There are incredibly fine margins to success. 


Creative Social Media Agency Solutions
Generating Tangible Results

IM Creative is a social media agency made of industry disruptors and innovators.


Maximising your return on every dollar spent. 


Our clients are like-minded businesses who refused to settle for average results. 

We’re a social media marketing agency that is obsessed with delivering results. We’re not here to mess around. Our focus is on reaching your audience and surpassing competitors through powerful social media marketing services. 


Why settle for average results? One thing we can agree on is getting the best return on your investment. IM Creative isn’t here to boast about clicks, likes, and impressions. We’re a social media agency that generates additional revenue for your business. 

With years of experience delivering profitable social media marketing services, our team of experts can help you generate the leads and sales you’ve been chasing.


No more wasted ad spend on generic broad campaigns. We narrow in on your ideal customer and lead them through the buying journey via discovery, look-alike, and remarketing ads. Super-targeted social media marketing services that have consistently achieved some jaw-dropping results for our clients. 

Social Media Marketing Services - The Process

Research & Set-up

Audience and competitor research. Followed by Ad Account and Pixel setup, and lastly, conversion tracking.

Strategy & Objectives

Step-by-step marketing funnel strategies. Followed by campaign objectives and bidding strategies.

Ad Creation

Creating content for ads (copy, visuals). Followed by setting up acquisition and retargeting campaigns.

Testing & Understanding

A/B testing (audiences and content). In addition, analysing generated data to identify growth opportunities.

Optimisation & Scaling

Remove poor-performing ads and increasing ad spend on high-performing ads. Constant reviews, offers, and incentives to avoid audience ad exhaustion.


Consumers Almost Expect To Interact With Brands
Via Social Means Before & After Buying Their Products/Services

Social media is more than replying to your grandma’s comment on your new profile pic. 


It’s a platform redefining the conversation between brands and consumers.

Facebook alone boasts 2.9 billion monthly active users. With social media taking a significant chunk of daily consumer attention, brands engaging in social media marketing services reap the rewards of being at the right place, at the right time.


There’s the opportunity to draw in your ideal customer before your competitor snatches them up. 


An experienced social media marketing agency can be the catalyst for explosive business growth.

We’ve come to the point where you simply get left behind if your business doesn’t have a social strategy.


It’s in our nature to ignore and pretend it’s not there when we don’t understand something. If you aren’t tech-savvy, social media marketing can certainly feel that way. However, we are all aware that all progress and success come outside of our comfort zone.


The question is, how much revenue are you missing out on by not investing in social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing Services - FAQs

You would hire a social media agency to manage your social media presence with a specific goal in mind. We break it down into three specific goals, building an audience, lead generation, and sales. Hiring a social media agency means having all the tools for a successful campaign at your disposal, under one roof.


The first goal can be to create a community of brand loyalists by engaging with your existing followers and beyond. The purpose of this is to increase the longevity of your existing customer base. After all, your most cost-effective customers to acquire are your existing ones. A social media agency would create content on your behalf that promotes a conversation between you and your customers. Regular content is the key to occupying space in your customers’ minds and thus encouraging regular purchases. 


Another goal when hiring a social media agency is to generate new leads. This can be invaluable for businesses, especially in the service sector. Whether you’re a builder, freight forwarder, or lawyer, social media is a great way to reach new potential customers cost-effectively. An experienced social agency can draw from a depth of knowledge to build a successful campaign of lead generation ads. 


Lastly, e-commerce businesses are able to generate huge online sales by hiring the right social media agency. There is a reason why companies have spent over $114 billion (USD) on Facebook Ads in 2021. These stats from Statista show that there’s been a huge increase in Facebook advertising from 2009 to 2021. This goes to show that countless businesses throughout the world spend money on social media ads. Clearly, there’s a strategy to generate additional sales through social media. A Facebook ad agency, in particular, has the role of using Facebook’s platform to create profitable ads on your behalf.

The answer depends on your target audience and budget. The main social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, TikTok, and LinkedIn. 


Facebook and Instagram are by far the most used platforms by social media marketing companies and businesses alike. This is because of the huge and broad userbase within these Meta owned platforms. According to Statista, Facebook had 2.91 billion monthly active users as of Q4 2021. While Instagram reached a milestone of 2 billion in December 2021. Safe to say, a Facebook ad agency can establish and reach your target audience through engaging ads. Although these channels are used by most social media marketing companies and clients, you can get lost in the crowd. Facebook ad agency pricing also varies depending on industry competition, your budget, and ad performance over time.


YouTube is more expensive than Facebook and Instagram when comparing cost per reach. However, an advantage to advertising on YouTube is that you can target based on intent. Meaning you can target someone who is in the market for your product or service. A social media marketing agency can help you create ad content and manage your campaign through Google’s Ad platform.


Snapchat and TikTok are platforms with a younger demographic and fast user growth. As of 2021, TikTok reported 1 billion monthly active users, while Snapchat had approximately 428 million monthly active users. These newer platforms present an opportunity to reach a younger audience away from the crowds on Facebook and Instagram.


LinkedIn is “the world’s largest professional network with 810 million members”. Although comparatively expensive, a social media agency can help maximise your cost per acquisition through strategically crafted ads and targeting.


Twitter and Pinterest aren’t well established in NZ and thus we don’t offer social media marketing services on these platforms.

Social media marketing services can take many different forms, such as: 


  • Strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Influencer partnerships 
  • Social media management
  • Paid ads
  • Building your follower count
  • Generating new reviews
  • Engaging with people

A sound strategy is the backbone of your entire approach and decision on which social media marketing services you consider. To create a detailed plan, a social media marketing agency will spend time researching your audience and competition. Furthermore, propose a structured content calendar and content guidelines to follow. Ultimately, lay out a plan to carry out the strategy and achieve your goals.


Creating and publishing social media content on a consistent basis is far from easy. A social media marketing agency can generate new content while you take care of other important aspects of your business. Content can be educational or entertaining. It all depends on the target audience and social media channel. Content social media marketing services may include the creation of videos, photos, e-books, blog posts, and case studies. The focus must be on quality over quantity. You or your social agency must consider your brand values and audience demographic in order to connect with them.


Influence partnerships and paid ads are quick-fire tactics to increase your reach and awareness. An experienced social media marketing agency has the ability to connect you with relevant influencers and create profitable ad campaigns. 


Social media managament, engagement, and building your follower count are all closely related. Generally, by creating valuable content, you’re able to drive engagement and increase conversions in the long term. A good social media marketing agency sets clear and measurable goals for you to reach. 


Reviews are an underrated aspect of social media marketing. They’re a great way to social proof your brand in the eyes of potential customers with significant impact on conversions.

You may be surprised that hiring a social media marketing agency can cost less than employing someone full-time. In addition, you’re getting a team of specialists for less than the cost of hiring one.


Social media marketing is becoming more and more a pay-to-play channel. Platforms are making it increasingly more difficult to grow an organic follower base. Why? Well, because it pushes businesses to spend in ads to reach their target audience. 


Your business size, strategy, and budget are deciding factors on the cost of hiring a social media marketing agency. A large entity has the capacity and systems in place to scale at a quicker rate than a small business. Thus, their social media budget will be higher. The average cost of hiring a social media marketing agency in NZ ranges from $2000 to $20,000 per month.


For significant results and ROI, allocate a minimum budget of $3000 per month when hiring a social media marketing agency. This budget includes the allocated ad spend for maximum return and a smaller portion allocated to social agency fees. 


As a rule of thumb, campaigns with higher budgets generally outperform smaller ones. That is why we recommend you allocate at least $3000 per month to hire a social media marketing agency. This is because the paid channel can generate more data with a higher budget and maximise your return on investment. 


Moreover, there are underlying costs associated with content creation. While smaller businesses and campaigns perform well with stock images and videos, large entities invest in custom content. A large corporation can hire a social media agency and allocate $500,000 to produce a custom video and social campaign at a larger scale. This is because, for them, it is still significantly cheaper than traditional media campaigns (TV commercials).

Here are a few key elements to look for in a good social media marketing agency:


1. Proven Track Record

A great way to spot a good social media agency is by looking for a proven track record. Therefore, reading through their case studies and client reviews will give you an idea of their social media marketing services. It’s important to select a social media company with credibility and expertise that knows exactly what your requirements are.


2. Custom Social Media Strategy
It is also key that you find a social marketing agency that doesn’t pitch you a cookie-cutter service. Take note on their proposal and how in-depth they have tailored it to your specific target audience. A custom social media strategy unique to your business objectives and customer profile is really important. 

3. Refined Expertise Over Broad Service Offering
There are hundreds of social media marketing companies in New Zealand alone. Naturally, it can be difficult to select between them. Take note of how broad their service offerings are. Typically, an agency specialising in only a handful of services will focus on raising their levels of expertise. Alternatively, you have social marketing companies that try to be everything to everyone by offering print, radio, digital, and TV. IM Creative is a digital marketing agency that specialises in digital only. We have perfected our craft by creating impactful and successful digital campaigns through refined expertise and experience. 

4. Clear and Quick Communication
You want to deal with a social media company who are 100% invested in your business. They should always respond in a timely manner and take initiative by keeping you up-to-date with your campaign. You should be fully aware of the overall strategy, content schedule, and performance results. 

Often times, business owners can feel overwhelmed by the fast paced social media environment and fast changing trends. IM Creative is a social media agency that can attribute alot of its growth to Instagram and Facebook advertising. Therefore, we have first hand experience as to how you can grow your business through social media marketing services. Here are a few things to think about before starting your campaign: 


Knowing your audience can make or break your success via social media marketing. You can spend endless hours and money on content creation that may fall on deaf ears. Spend some time thinking about who your audience is and what they care about. More often than not, these platforms are centered around entertainment. Hiring the right social marketing agency to create relevant content for you can be the key to engaging your audience. 


Engagement is king. Give your audience more of what they want. Take notice of the content that performed well and analyse why that happened. More often than not you will find that leisure and entertaining content performs the best. We often found that posting content of our team culture and fun trends got much more attention than educational content. Thus, we decided to stop being preachy about social media company insights and knowledge and instead focused on light-hearted content. Engagement grew 320% over the next month. 


Be consistent and establish a posting schedule. Social media marketing companies will often tell you it’s all about momentum in regards to digital success. And, it’s true. Find the best time to post for maximum impact and post content regularly. There are great resources available like Hootsuite that have tracked the best time to post on each social media platform. Hootsuite is a preferred scheduling platform for many social media marketing companies. 

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