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Selecting Your Google Ads Strategy
- The Fundemental Differences


The platform can be overwhelming when setting up your own account. Most start with the basics. Which are; create a Campaign & Ad Group, create Ads, add some basic or recommended keywords, set a daily Ad Budget, and go LIVE. The best way to LEARN AND UNDERSTAND is by doing, so we don’t discourage this at all. In fact, it is great to speak with a business owner who understands and APPRECIATES THE COMPLEXITY involved in Google Ads management. However, you will find yourself OUT OF POCKET and out of hope reasonably quickly IF NOT CAREFUL.

The Standard Google Ads Agency

They will do everything a beginner does, followed by a trip down the Keyword Planner to add a bunch of high volume keywords, select an automated bidding strategy, send you an invoice each month, and call it a day. In some very few cases, this will provide a positive ROI (enough to keep this show running) BUT falling well SHORT OF YOUR FULL POTENTIAL to scale your business in any significant way. Most of the time, business owners like yourself are left feeling like Google Ads may be just isn’t suited to their business after SUB-PAR RESULTS and eventually call it quits.

An ELITE Google Ads Agency

Long gone are the days where cost-per-clicks (CPCs) were a few cents. Meaning cheap enough to hide any shortcomings. Spending millions of dollars in Google Ads Management certainly teaches you a few things… Most importantly, it teaches you WHAT WORKS AND WHAT DOESN’T.


For example, high-ticket items generally convert much higher on PC rather than mobile and tablet. If you think about it, it makes sense. Yes, we’ve all heard about the importance of mobile and the increase in usage over the years. BUT most people feel more comfortable to view, research, and purchase high-ticket items in front of a big screen. Usually when they have time and space to think clearly about such a big expense. In addition, technical expertise to BRING YOUR ROI UP AND CPA DOWN are the key factors that separate the ELITE from an average Google Ads Agency. Ad Copy is also a major factor in successful Google Ads management. You must STAND OUT to be SEEN amongst the crowd. Average Ad Copy will yield average results.


“LOCAL CAR REPAIR SERVICE – LOCAL AUTO REPAIR SHOP” is one of the many ACTUAL ads that come up during a “car mechanic” search. Thank you Mr. Car Mechanic for stating who you are, like the rest of the 50 other car mechanics in your area. BUT the customer doesn’t care about you, they only care about how you can SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM. Here’s what a winning Ad Copy looks like. “LET US FIX YOUR CAR WITHIN HOURS – COURTESY CAR AVAILABLE”. If you were having car troubles, which ad would you click on? The one that deals directly with your primary concerns OR Mr. Car Mechanic? Seriously… the competition is so average that with the right Google Ads Agency, you can BLOW YOUR COMPETITION OUT OF THE WATER!

Google Ads Management - Services

Google Search

Google Search Ads are text ads shown among or above search results on Google search. Show ads to people actively searching online for your products and services.


Google Video Ads are any video ads shown on Youtube search results or within a Youtube video. These ads can be skippable or not skippable depending on budget.


Google Display Network Ads are banner ads shown on articles, videos, or websites that consumers browse. Reaching over 2 million websites and over 90% of internet users.

Google Remarketing

Ads shown to people who have already visited your website. Google Remarketing Ads can be highly effective for products or services where the decision making process is lengthy.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping Ads include rich product information, such as image, retailer, and price. These ads can be embedded across Google's properties like Search, YouTube, Maps, and more.

Who We've Worked With:

Importantly, IM Creative has partnered with B2C Retailers and B2B Suppliers seeking accelerated growth.
Both, in competitive local NZ and international markets using our services.


A Google Ads Management Agency That Targets
Ready-To-Buy Customers & Lifts Your Business To New Heights

Google Ads is one of the best strategies to rapidly increase your sales and generate new leads.

Done right, you can grow your business exponentially with the right Google Ads management. 


Through intent keyword targeting, be seen by customers at exactly the right time they are ready to buy.


A well-designed value-adding ad can turn people into highly motivated customers with just one click.

Drive website visits with the intention to grow online sales, increase your mail list signups, or generate leads.


Get significantly more phone calls with ads featuring your business contact number and a click-to-call button.


Increase store visits and foot traffic with local search ads featuring your company on the map.

Google Ads Management - Enquire Now:

We are happy to answer your questions & get you acquainted with how our Google Ads management can help your business.

Google Ads Management - FAQs

Google Ad services are essentially a management service for the Google advertising platform. The platform itself is reasonably complex to navigate and understand. Of course, you have the choice to put in the hours and learn. In fact, Google offers training programs via Skillshop for free. Alternatively, you can hire a Google Ads management agency to set up and manage a campaign for you. 


Businesses either hire a Google Ads specialist or agency to bid on selected keywords and phrases related to your industry. Different advertisers bid on keywords to determine the cost per click. We have spent countless hours and driven millions of dollars worth of traffic to our customers through Google Ads management. That is what makes us confident we can deliver the best Google Ad services in the digital industry.


The Google advertising platform is a way to promote your business and sell products or services. If done correctly, you are able to make a 5x / 10x / 15x return on investment. Naturally, that depends on the industry and your margins. Experimenting with Google Display Ads or Google Search Ads can very quickly cost a lot of money without any results. The benefit of hiring a Google Ads specialist is the knowledge to increase your chances of success. Thus, maximising every Google advertising dollar spent, saving you wasted ad spend well beyond their service fees. 


The Google Ads platform is by far the most advanced PPC management platform. Thus, it comes with a lot of variables to select based on your industry, budget, and objectives. It can be overwhelming and lead to miscalculations and wasted funds. Nonetheless, to advertise on Google can do wonders for your business. Done right, you will be targeting ready-to-buy customers. Thus, an experienced Google Ads agency could be just what you need.

Google advertising can be an incredibly powerful tool to generate additional revenue and expand your business. However, it can also be a complete waste of time and money when not implemented correctly. A Google ads specialist can offer you the best chance to create a successful Google advertising campaign. How so? Through years of experience, they must have gathered enough knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t. More often than not, a Google Ads agency has dealt with many unique challenges and overcome them. Thus, the investment in hiring a Google Ads specialist can end up saving you money right from the start.


An IM Creative Google Ads specialist begins working on your campaign even prior to signing up. We are serious about offering successful Google campaign management. We take time to study the market before providing you with a proposal. At this stage, it is also important to discuss your expectations and what you wish to achieve. Based on a few select factors and our overall experience, we can create some projections on monthly campaign performance. Once you agree to IM Creative being your Google Advertising agency, these are the following steps to success:

Google Ad Services Account Setup / Review

Whether starting from scratch or on an existing account, our first job as a Google Ads specialist is campaign setup. This involves extensive research on broad industry insights such as expected conversion rate, intent keywords, and customer segmentation. 


We will also discuss keywords and the creative content to advertise on Google. Your ads must stand out above the competition in order to achieve above-average results. This is where we refine your brand message and unique value proposition and incorporate them via our Google Ad services. 


Moreover, we will set up conversion tracking and Google Analytics account linking. Conversion tracking is a major part of Google Ads management. It points the AI algorithm in the right direction in terms of identifying similar audiences likely to convert. Thus, increasing conversions and profitability at no additional cost.


Setting A Monthly Google Ads Budget

Based on your budget and the market size, we will recommend a monthly Google advertising spend. It can be adjusted each month based on results and opportunities to grow. Large shifts in a short period will hinder the campaign. Thus, we will never recommend a big raise or drop in spending, within a short period of time. However, we can discuss your long and short-term goals beforehand in order to adjust the budget accordingly.


Depending on your Google Ads budget, we are able to determine the scope and scale of your reach. Naturally, with a small budget, we must refine the campaign to target as many ready-to-buy people as possible. With a larger budget, we can boost conversions by removing some restrictions to reach a broader range of people. A bigger budget also gives us the opportunity to scale beyond Google Search Ads. Other mediums such as YouTube and Google Display Ads are great for remarketing campaigns and maximising customer lifetime value.


Monthly Google Ads Management & Optimisation

Active Google Ads management is key to a healthy and competitive campaign in the long run. This is based on competitors’ moves, Google advertising updates, and client needs. Google campaign management involves things like quality score improvements, keyword optimisation, bid modifiers, traffic quality improvements, and more.


The ultimate factor to hiring a Google Ads agency is to make the most of every dollar spent. Things like choosing a bidding strategy, to maintaining a high quality score, can define the success of your campaign. Although there’s no cookie-cutter model to success, an experienced Google Ads agency can steer you in the right direction.


Monthly Google Advertising Progress Report

It is important when hiring a Google Ads agency, they are able to provide a monthly report on your campaign. IM Creative provides detailed reporting and analysis so that you know how your money is being spent. You will also get a Login to our Google Ads Management reporting system. Here you can track the progress of your campaigns 24/7.


Things you can expect from the monthly Google Ads report are ad spend breakdown, call and lead tracking, and demographics. Moreover, you should be able to compare monthly changes in visitors, impressions, and cost-per-click. This way, you can tracking an improvement or decline over a period of time. With active Google Ads management, your campaign should improve month-to-month or remain stable once it reaches maximum optimisation.

To advertise on Google can mean accessing consumers who are actively searching for the services and products you provide. Most importantly, the right Google Ads agency will help convert those potential customers into paying ones. Our Google Ad services have enabled our clients and long-term partners to reach new heights in their respective industries. Chances are, you are missing out.


Choosing the right Google Ads management agency will separate the winners from the losers. Certainly, at a huge cost for the losers. Most successful companies in the world advertise on Google. The thing is though, it is also within reach for all small and medium sized businesses too. IM Creative’s Google Ads management fees are much lower than hiring an in-house marketing specialist. Thus, the more valid question is, why wouldn’t you pick IM Creative as you Google Ads specialist? 


Delivering profitable results for your business is our primary and ultimate goal from the start. Moreover, we offer no long-term contracts to give you absolute freedom and minimise risk. If that isn’t convincing enough, there’s more. We offer to work for FREE for up to 3 months if month 3 of working with us isn’t profitable. 


IM Creative is a Google Ads specialist that help you get the most out of campaigns. We’ve generated millions of dollars worth of leads and sales for customers. With a winning track record and a deep understanding of targeting motivated buyers. Above all, filtering out the ‘tyre kickers’ and generating sales for our clients. Our Google Ad services are within reach for New Zealand companies of all sizes and industries. Budgets are set based on your goals, scalability, and industry competitiveness. One thing is for certain, our existing success in Google campaign management gives us full confidence in our service offering.

Whether or not Google Search Ads are worth it is totally subjective on your industry and product offering. Google advertising is one of the most popular and used channels to advertise online. Relying on social media alone as your digital strategy more often than not is not enough. It can be difficult to get your message across through social media; this is where Google advertising comes in.


Google Search Ads can be helpful to businesses of all sizes. Almost instantly you can be advertising to actively browsing customers as they search for your products or services. If people show interest, you pay for the click. This is how it works. 


But is Google advertising worth it?


In many cases, yes. What’s great is that you don’t have to pay for ads that haven’t been clicked. So you’re getting massive exposure and only paying for users that engage with your website by clicking on it.


Advantages of Google Search Ads:


  • Keyword specific: target customers by search intent.
  • Define your audience – Choose the audience you want to reach depending on the right demographics, time of day, and location.  
  • In-market browsers – you will appear right on time when your customers are looking for something specific.
  • Track your campaign – Through active Google campaign management, you can track specific data like traffic and conversions easily.
  • Scale up – Google Ads helps you scale your campaign into a vastly profitable one once you find the winning formula.

With the right Google Ads specialist helping you, the success of your campaign will become evident very quickly. Within 2-3 months you will find out whether Google Search Ads are a worthwhile investment for your business or not. If so, you can look to scale by increasing your budget and testing Google Display Ads, Google Remarketing, and more. 

We’ve established that Google charges per every click on its advertising platform. Well, how much is this click going to cost? Google Ads cost-per-click can be as low as $0.10 and go above $100 in some cases.


There is no single answer as it varies on a lot of variables within Google Ads management. However, we can give some examples and try to make sense of the reasoning behind the fluctuation in cost.


Some industries have a higher cost per click than others. Industries such as finance, insurance, and marketing tend to be expensive through Google Advertising. The cost per click can start at $8 and go as high as $50 or $100. A trend we’ve noticed is that high-ticket items usually tend to be more expensive to advertise than low-ticket items. On the other hand, from experience in chiropractic Google campaign management, a click can cost as little as $0.50.


Within any particular industry, there are also other factors that make the cost per click of Google advertising fluctuate. Bidding competition is one of those factors. We handle Google Ads management in highly competitive industries as well as others with less competition. If there’s more companies bidding for the same keywords, naturally costs will go up when fighting for limited advertising space.


Campaign type will also play a big role in your cost per click. Google Search Ads are typically the more expensive. On the other hand, Google remarketing through video and Google Display Ads tend to cost less per click. This is largely due to target customers being in-market when searching for something actively.


If you’re outsourcing Google Ads management, you will pay your Google Ads specialist in addition to your monthly Ads budget.

When starting out with Google Ads, knowing how much money to budget for your advertising campaigns can be confusing. The truth is that there isn’t an exact generalised figure because it depends on your business and industry. Moreover, it depends on the cost-per-click for targeted keywords, search volume, and consumer behaviour.


If you’re just getting started with Google Search Ads, you might want to start with a small budget. That normally means something like $500 per month. Otherwise, if you’re looking to hit the ground running quicker, then you can consider hiring a Google Ads specialist. Their job is to maximise the return on every dollar you spend  to advertise on Google. Companies offering financial services spend upwards of $50,000 a month on Google Ad services. Elsewhere, a local dentist, chiropractor, or lawyer will spend between $500 to $2000 a month with a Google Ads agency.


The limit of how much you spend is dependent on the size of your market through Google advertising. Let’s assume you’re investing in Google Search ads and there are 100 searches a month for your services. If the average cost per click is $1, that means you’re likely to reach the entire audience with $100. In that case, you can look to invest in Google remarketing campaigns to increase your overall conversion rate. 


At the start, you may also be limited by your own budget. It is understandable to be nervous about spending money if you don’t have first-hand experience with Google Ads management. The platform can be overwhelming to navigate and some of the automated recommendations actually work against you. You’re welcome to speak to an experienced professional from IM Creative who can provide an analysis and budget recommendation tailored to your business. 

Google advertising is a powerful tool to generate new business, but it can also be overwhelming to learn. The challenge is that there’s so much data available—and so many different ways to interpret it. Figuring out what works best may take some time.


There are plenty of resources available online to help get you started but experience is ultimately key. Skillshop is a free training platform offered by Google itself. However, marketing is not a fixed science. The experience of successful Google campaign management is what makes the difference between a profitable campaign and failure. Tools such as Google Display Ads require more than just the technical know-how to set up the campaign.


It is essential to have a strategy and plan before you start. Otherwise, it is very easy to waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars without seeing results. There are various settings and ways to launch a campaign. Depending on your industry, some work wonders while others lead to wasted ad spend and a disheartened business owner.


It’s easy to set up your own campaign, but a Google Ads specialist can save you time and a lot of money. If you’re not an expert, it’s better to hire someone who is. If you don’t have the time to manage changes, consider using a Google Ads specialist to keep your campaign optimised. 


A good Google Ads agency will be able to optimise your ads for conversions while minimising your cost-per-acquisition. They will also ensure that your ads comply with Google advertising policies to ensure smooth campaign operation. 


Like any other marketing platform or tool, Google Ads management has a learning curve. It is your decision whether you invest through trial and error in-house or outsource to an experienced agency instead.

A Google Ads campaign can be set up in as little as a day. However, it takes longer than that to see a significant return on investment. Through more than 5 years of experience in providing Google Ad services, we’ve narrowed the answer down to 1 month. Our clients are informed that they should give it at least a month to see results from Google advertising.


There is a difference between showing results and profit. What we’ve learned from Google Ads management is that some campaigns show immediate ROI while others can take three months. That is largely dependant on the time it takes a lead to turn into a customer. Usually, high-ticket items like a car take longer to sell than something like lawn mowing services. The person who is looking for a lawn mowing company will make a decision within the day of searching. Therefore, a lawn mowing company will see their campaign turn a profit quicker than a car yard would. 


Even so, don’t dismiss the first few months altogether. The first few months of Google campaign management are used to collect information through advertising. As your campaign matures, the algorithm has narrowed down your ideal customer and your conversion rate should improve. 


Data collection is a necessary first step for any new campaign. Successful Google Ads management involves significant time in the pre-launch analysis of the market, the competition, keywords, and more. This is to expedite the success of your campaign and turn a profit as soon as possible. 


As Google evaluates the efficacy of your ad, you may see increased click-through rates and other metrics.


Whether you’re running Search Ads, YouTube, or Google Display Ads, you must give it a month before evaluating campaign success.

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