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Smart solutions to suit a range of businesses. From small business web design to large corporations, IM Creative builds high-quality websites that contribute to your overall success.

What we do

We Design Websites Optimised For Conversions Not Clicks.

People’s online attention span is incredibly short.


IM Creative is a web design company focused on creating an enjoyable user experience, including key features for a high converting website.


Web Design - Conversion Rate

Who We've Worked With:

Importantly, IM Creative has partnered with B2C Retailers and B2B Suppliers seeking accelerated growth. Both, in competitive local NZ and international markets using our digital marketing services.

Website Design & Develop - Key Components

User Experience

Web design tailored for an enjoyable user experience. Longer time spent on your website often means they are seriously considering buying what you’re selling.

Fully Custom Design

Incredibly focused on finding the perfect balance of beautifully responsive web design and your key brand components. Step away from cookie-cutter templates.

Better ROI

We're not just a website design company. We provide solutions that aim to have a direct positive impact on your bottom line. Merging creativity and business.

Fast Turnaround

A specialised team of designers, web developer, and copywriters, make the web design process extremely time-efficient while maintaining high standards.


There's a fine balance between too many updates and not enough. Our website design team will inform you at key stages and make recommendations when needed.

Rapid Support

Web design and development is more than a one-off service. We ensure you get the best out of your website during the web design process and post-launch too.


Choosing IM Creative as your web design company means the perfect combination of user experience and responsive web design


IM Creative is a website design company obsessed with providing a better user experience and achieving your digital goals.


Maximise your chance of online success through high-quality custom web design.


Your website is your business's digital shop window. Good website design helps potential customers discover you, find your location, get in touch, become a lead, and, most importantly, become paying customers.


What sets IM Creative apart from any other web design company is our experience in combining beautiful UX designs and a high converting website structure. Essentially giving you the best possible chance to turn as many visitors into customers.


We've applied our web design services in multiple industries and have picked up valuable insight on key features every website must have.

Whether it's ecommerce website design or a service-based client, they see an instant uptick in conversions after using our services. IM Creative is a web design company that does not shy away from cold hard performance data.
We're obsessed with the desire to achieve your business goals and improve your ROI.


You must be remarkable to stand out in an extremely over-crowded digital space. The benefits of using a web design company include building a custom website you can be proud of. Years of web design company knowledge and evolution are right at your fingertips.


Good website design should lead to three very important benefits. Alleviate some of the pressure on your customer support and sales staff. Strengthen your brand in the eyes of your target market. And ultimately generate additional revenue for your business.


A top web design agency must offer you nothing less than that. Does your current website tick all if any of these boxes? If it doesn't, you are simply missing out.


IM Creative is a website design company that develops sites to meet these standards as a bare minimum.


The websites we build are value-adding assets for our customers. A part of the jigsaw puzzle that makes for a complete offline and online success story.


An important part of your business's foundations that can make or break your chances to scale fast and sustainably.

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Website Design Company - FAQs

From appearance, hosting, functionality, and security, there are a few things that must come together to produce a great website. That is where a web developer and website design company comes in to provide a seamless experience. You must understand the basis of the following steps so you’re on the same page as your web design company.


It is of utmost importance that you create the blueprint for your new website in collaboration with your web developer. Your goals and expectations should be clear from the very start to ensure there are no delays and limitations. Once your vision is clear and precise, the agency is able to set a timeline and clear website design pricing. 


Next, you must secure a domain name and select your Content Management System (CMS) hosting provider. You may already own a domain or you can check if the one you want is available for purchase on platforms like GoDaddy. Regarding the CMS platform, your design and web development company should recommend one suited to your goals. Adobe Commerce and Shopify are great for ecommerce website design, while WordPress is great for an information-focused custom website.


Subsequently, you must settle on a modern website design theme that matches your branding and is visually appealing. Ultimately, it is all about the user experience. This is where you should put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask a few questions. Does the website enhance or diminish the perception of your brand? Is it easy to use and navigate to exactly what I’m looking for? 

Lastly, functionality is essential to turn visitors into paying customers. You must ensure your website loads quickly, is mobile responsive, and things like a contact-form work as they should. You must also ensure your web developer puts top security protocols in place.

The simple answer for website design cost in NZ is, that it really depends on what you want to achieve.


The average cost of custom website design services in New Zealand is between $5000 and $30,000. The reason why there is no cookie-cutter price is due to the different requirements for different businesses. While a single web page design can cost as low as $5000, professional ecommerce website design can cost $30,000. 


It is important to understand what you’re getting for the money you spend on website design cost. Here at IM Creative, we put a huge emphasis on offering custom website packages that help boost your sales. Our intention is to offer creative web design services that ultimately start generating revenue you aren’t already capturing. Throughout the years, we’ve perfected the art of responsive web design to maximise your visitor conversion rate. Placing “Call To Actions” at the right place, the type of content, and page structure can triple your conversion rate. What we’re trying to say is that we offer more than just good website design services. We offer the know-how to turn your website from a static and vain asset, to a living money-making machine. Ultimately, your website cost should be seen as an investment and not as a simple cost of doing business.


It can definitely be overwhelming and confusing when there are so many companies quoting you vastly different website cost figures. An overseas web developer or web design company may even offer website packages for as little as $2000. 99% of the time these cookie-cutter websites offer no added value to your business other than a bland digital asset. 


For a winning edge over your competitors, count on IM Creative for more than just good website design services.

The answer to the best software or platform for good website design depends on your requirements. IM Creative is a creative website design company that will recommend the best platform suited to your specific business needs.


WordPress is a great platform for modern website design services for websites with all types of requirements. It is an open-source platform that provides great versatility for someone with coding knowledge. That is where having a web developer on your side comes in. IM Creative generally advises WordPress to be used for small business web design projects focused on services without eCommerce features. 


Shopify is a leader in eCommerce website design. It provides convenience, great reporting, and a pleasant user experience. We typically provide small business web design services with eCommerce functionality via Shopify. This keeps the modern website design cost down while significantly increasing your chances of online success. The CRM platform is also incredibly easy to use without calling upon the web design company for every required update.


Adobe Commerce is an alternative to Shopify and is particularly useful to enterprises looking for a more flexible custom website. Once again, more experienced website developers are needed which increases the website cost. However, you have the opportunity to provide unique user experience features as valuable points of difference amongst competitors. 


Squarespace and Wix provide responsive web design for people looking to do it themselves. If you have a limited budget, these platforms offer drag-and-drop features to make it as easy as possible. Although hiring an experienced web design company is about more than just creating a website, these are an option. Limitations to this option are the time spent and lack of knowledge of what makes for a high-converting website.

Choosing the right hosting provider is much more important than price. Hosting website packages can cost anywhere from $5 to $100 per month. 


International hosting providers like GoDaddy and Bluehost offer shared hosting packages from $5 to $31.99 monthly for WordPress websites. Different price points differ in value such as data storage threshold, SSL certificate, monthly visitor limits, and other features. Asking your website design company prior to making a decision can ensure you pick the right option. 


There are also local alternatives like Webhosting NZ and 1st Domains offering hosting from $4.95 and $9.5 monthly. These providers claim to have New Zealand based servers that may lead to faster website loading speeds. 


Your web design agency may also offer monthly hosting as part of the web design services package. This can typically cost between $50 to $100 per month depending on the features provided. You may ask, why would I pay the web design agency 10 times more for hosting? Well, setting up hosting can be a very complex and technical process. In addition, hosting servers can get damaged, hacked, and experience downtime. Your web design agency is there to ensure your hosting is handled in the best way to mimise risk. And, if something does go wrong, they provide quick support and backup to get things up and running again.


As mentioned at the start of this answer, the right hosting solution depends on much more than just price. Security is of utmost importance. In addition, server location and loading speed are important to the success of your website. If your website takes longer than 5 seconds to load, you should look for a different alternative. Site backups and support are also crucial to ensure your website is running smoothly.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a website design company other than the website cost itself. Other key components of a great website design company are their focus on conversions, credibility, track record, and delivery timeframe.


For small business web design it is so tempting to simply pick the cheapest provider, we understand. However, more often than not, you get what you pay for. A cookie-cutter and non-responsive website will leave your website visitors disappointed by the experience and looking elsewhere. Creative web design is about offering your target audience everything they are looking for to expedite the buyer’s journey.


You should pay attention to their attitude and stress on website conversions. At the end of the day, your website can look great and still fail to lead to any sales. Your web design agency must incorporate their knowledge and experience of conversions in their services. 


How credible is the web development company? One of the first things you should check is the company’s Google Reviews. Other people’s experiences with your potential website developers will help you understand how your experience could go. 


What work have they done in the past and to what quality? They should display their track record through case studies and other clients. You can check out their previous website design online and see whether it’s the right fit. 


Ask for a delivery timeframe before deciding on the web design and development company. Small business website design should not take longer than 1 month to complete. A website redesign shouldn’t take longer than 3 weeks when the content is already written. Single landing web page design should take even less. 


To conclude, there are other factors just as important as website development costs to consider. Focus on the value you are getting.

Visual Appearance

First impressions are everything. Branding your website to represent your business is important and sometimes website developers neglect this. A color scheme, and layout combined with the images and information on the service or products you’re offering are imporant. Using photos, videos and illustrations will grab the attention of your audience. Fonts and headings are also a crucial part of website design and development. 


Content & Information

Good design will draw users’ interest on your website but after that, you need great content to make them stay. Finding the perfect way to show them what they need is also an important elements of responsive website design. The information needs to be specific, clear, and helpful. The combination with high quality SEO services offers the opportunity to increase your search engine rankings.


User-Friendly & Functionality

Simple navigation makes it easier for users to stay longer on a website. They should be able to scroll and click buttons effortlessly to increase engagement and sales. Website developers should create organised links and high-speed accessibility. Make it easier for users, including a menu and a search bar.


Mobile-Friendly – Responsive Web Design

You know how frustrating it is when a website doesn’t work properly on your mobile. Responsive web design means your website works on every type of device; computer, tablet, or phone. Use design assets that enable seamless mobile use. For example, font sizes that are easy to read on a particular device.


Website Security

A web development company must not neglect security. When selling online, customers need to know their personal information is safe. This includes their names, mobile phones, or credit card details. Sure, good content adds credibility. However, website security includes encryption through an SSL certificate, PCI compliance if you’re going to accept credit cards, and additional anti-fraud measures.

Living in this digitalised era, having a website is a must for every business. IM Creative is a design and web development agency to help you do just that.


Even if you’re promoting your business on social media, you don’t want to lose out to competitors with a website. From large to small business website design, a website pulls potential customers away from busy social media feeds.


A website will also become a reference point for people searching for your product or service. We all come across a lot of products and services online. Before making a purchase we check their website to make sure they are legit. People may question your legitimacy if you don’t have a website and a web development agency can help fix that.


Creative web design gives you the space to represent your brand in the best way possible. You can list your products/services properly illustrated with images, videos, and prices. It’s like an online magazine of what you are offering as a business. And it’s the easiest way for your customers to digest information from the comfort of their homes.


With solid web design and development optimised for Google, you are able to bring organic traffic and generate sales. Your business can appear on searches from ready-to-buy users.


Websites save a lot of time for your staff and for customers. People don’t need to call customer service to ask for details on products. Also, through ecommerce website development, they can browse online for your entire catalogue before buying. It benefits both ways.


You can also keep your customers informed in real-time. Through updates, people will see the latest discounts, new product/service, and everything that you are doing. Website redesign can help by keeping things fresh and current.

A WordPress web design company should be able to build a website within a period of 4-5 weeks. The same goes for ecommerce website development through platforms like Shopify or Magento.  


This general timeframe will vary depending on the functionality and pages required to build your custom website. Here’s an approximate timeframe that a website design company will give: 


  • Strategy and goal setting: 1 week
  • Web page design mock-up & review: 1 week
  • Web design and development:  1-2 weeks
  • Final review and quality assurance: 1 week

Although this is a standard timeframe, ultimately it depends on the complexity and features you’re wanting made through website design. Generally speaking, a small business website design company should be able to meet these deadlines without a hassle. 


There is one key component to getting your project completed on time and within budget. It’s essential to clearly define the scope of the work involved. This including the number of pages, custom features, copywriting and overall look and feel. Being clear from the start and sticking to the set parameters will ensure you get exactly what you bargained for. 


Content writing is often times the main bottleneck towards completing your project. You can pay more to get your website development company to write and source content on your behalf. Otherwise, you can pay a couple of thousand to get a basic website up and running in a few weeks. There will be cases where you will need to work closely with your web developer to create the content.


Ultimately, there are many factors that affect the timeframe of responsive web design. Nonetheless, that is the first question you should ask before beginning a project. If the website development company doesn’t have at least a projected timeline, you should look elsewhere.

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